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No Weights? No Problem!

So you want to lift weights at home but you don't want to buy a whole set of free weights or you really just don't have a place to keep them...

Mommas, you've been training for this since the birth of your child!  10lbs is coincidentally the size of most 1 month old babies and ALSO the weight that you would probably start out with when lifting.

During play time, lay on your back and lift baby above you, all parents have done "superman" at some point, but this time you are going to pay close attention to your form.  When you bring baby down, tuck your elbows in close to your sides for a focus on the pecs.  If you bring your elbows out this focuses more on your shoulders and back.  Do a set of each and repeat, feel the burn.

While on your back move them on to your hips with your knees slightly bent and lift them to the ceiling.  Pelvic lifts are a great exercise by themselves, but even better with that little bit of added weight.  After a few sets of these and you'll really feel it through your bum and thighs.

Like most babies, or at least like both of mine, they love being held and talked to.  Next time you go for a walk or your baby wants to just be held and snuggled, turn it into an opportunity to work out.  I can't tell you how many times doing squats has gotten my baby girl to sleep.

It's easy to mix in some squats and lunges, but you can also get creative.  Once baby has decent head control you can hold them out in front of you with you arms straight, babies love to face you in that position and watch your expressions as you strain to see how long you can hold them for.

When you are sitting at the table and the baby is trying to climb you, like so often in my house, toss baby onto your shins and lift them up parallel to you, lower and lift over and over. This works the quads and makes my baby girl squeal in delight.

As your strength grows, so do your kids.  You can keep utilizing them for as long as they let you!

My 5 year old loves to do Acro Yoga with me, which is exactly what it sounds like, acrobatic yoga.  There's much more to it than what I'm qualified to explain but doing any sort of lifting with a 45lb child is intense and for them it's a blast!

It's great to utilize what you have around you too, if kids are napping and you want to lift just grab some soup cans, water bottles, or gallon jugs.  All of these can easily be used in place of weights but they can't take the place of sharing the experience with your children.


  1. Love it! I have kids and would love to try this with them. Great post

    1. Let us know how you like it when you do!

  2. Great idea for when I babysit my nephew. Will keep it in mind.