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Cute DIY Work Out Shirts: Part One

Grab some old t-shirts or even your partner's shirts and try some of these ideas out!

Geometric Heaven Tank:

Lay the shirt out flat.
Take a marker and draw where you want to cut the sleeves.

Draw geometric patterns where ever you want,
this is where you can get as creative as you want.

Cut the sleeves and collar off first.
Then dig into cutting out those geometric shapes.

My shirt was a little big but I think it came out really cute.
Excited that it will keep me cool outdoors.

Tie back Tank:

Start with a fitted t-shirt.
Cut the sleeves off on the inside of the seam.
fold the shirt in half so that the sleeves press against one another.
Then cut 5-6 inch slits into the back.
Turn the shirt inside out and lay it flat.
Take a scrap sleeve and cut strips.
Use one strip to tie around each section between the slits.
Turn right side out and Voila!
If you use a shirt that isn't fitted you can cut the sections in the back and just tie them together.

The Wrap Up:

Lay shirt flat.
Cut collar and sleeves off at seams.
Cut the bottom hem off (you'll use this later).
Turn shirt over.
Cut a V into the back until the point is level with the armpit.

This is my favorite one, and I think the easiest also.

Gather the shoulders together in the back.
Take the material from earlier and tie to the the gathered material.
Wrap it around all the way up and tie it at the top.


  1. These are super cute! I have upcycled some of my tshirts into halter tops and love how it gives them new life.

  2. My favourite is the wrap up! Such a cute way to change a simple shirt!
    Love the post !

  3. I think these are amazing work out shirt designs you came up with. I remember when I use to do things like this in high school to regular t-shirts. I really like the design where you have the stripes in the back of the shirt and you tie them into knots. Thanks for sharing! :-) -Laila

  4. What an awesome work out shirts it really looks nice and unique I love DIY! Glad you share this