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My Inspiration

My inspirations came later in life instead of from a parent or a role model, it was from becoming a parent.  Being a good example for my children is my priority.

Danielle and 5.5 yr old son Liam
Health and fitness were never really a priority in my life, it wasn't until I started having children that I started caring about what they ate and keeping up with them.  When teaching my oldest about healthy foods and why we don't eat excessive sweets, I had a reality check.  I cared so much about his health but cared very little about my own and what I ate.  I always grabbed whatever was quick and easy.

Physically, I couldn't give a proper piggy back ride or run around with him in the yard.  When he requested, I couldn't even do a hand stand against the wall without hurting my shoulder and neck.  It was that day that I decided to start my fitness journey, it was in that moment that I realized I didn't care about being skinny or being light, I wanted to be healthy and strong for my children.

Danielle's son Liam and 1yr old daughter Liliana

I want both my son and my daughter to follow the example that I'm setting, I want them to live healthy and active lifestyles and to find joy in it.

One special goal that came from my son's undying encouragement is to start doing obstacle courses.  His love and passion for it has motivated me to get in shape, to train, to find endurance, and to give it my all.  Because being his hero, being his inspiration, that is what I live for.

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  1. Ahh.. You look too young and your children are really beautiful. I found you as fitness enthusiast and in spite of having many challenges you are passionately following your journey. Hats off

  2. Love your post!! Your family is adorable by the way :) Shell

  3. Same here! I became much more health conscious and concerned after I had my child. Something about being responsible for someone else triggered a deeper need in me than I had had for my own health.

  4. You look awesome! and your kids are so gorgeous:) lovely inspiration for Moms:)