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Saturday Snack: Cucumber Lunchables

As a health conscience mom, I'm always trying to find fun and yummy snacks and lunches for my family.  This is one that is really simple and delicious!  Once in a while I would give in and buy my oldest son one of those 99 cent lunchables because he would beg and beg for it (I know most kids beg for candy, and mine is over here begging for something that was always fully stocked in my home when I was a kid).  I don't think they are evil- everything in moderation- I just feel that even at 99 cents, it's not the most cost efficient or healthy version I can provide my family. Now, instead of stopping in the prepackaged deli food section, we stop at the deli counter and get a 1/2 lb of our favorite meat (usually chicken breast or turkey) and 1/2 lb of our favorite cheese (usually provolone or cheddar).  Then we head through the produce and grab a couple cucumbers.  Yep, not crackers, CUCUMBERS!

Cucumber Lunchables
  • deli meat
  • cheese
  • cucumbers

  1. Slice the cucumber into circles.
  2. Cut the meat and the cheese into 1-inch squares.
  3. Stack them into little sandwiches.
Voila! It's that easy! 

Now for the double whammy, because these two things go so well together!  

My son is not thrilled with ranch anything (I know he's nuts).  I love making it really thick like a spread and putting in on my cucumber lunchables.  It's also great as a veggie dip or if you add a little milk it makes it smooth enough for salads!

I usually make mine as needed but you can make it in bulk also, just keep it in an airtight container and refrigerate!

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