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Saturday Snacks: Kefir Smoothie

What the heck is kefir?!?

It’s a fermented milk drink that is packed full of probiotic and nutrients, and is made from cow’s or goat’s milk and kefir grains. Basically it is a drinkable, probiotic rich yogurt. It is very… tangy. If you are familiar with kombucha or apple cider vinegar drinks- and I don’t mean the flavored, carbonated, sweet ones- it has a similar bite to it. I know, sounds delish, right?!? I definitely don’t drink mine on it’s own, but prefer to mix it into a smoothie! If you find the right blend, you can get even the pickiest kid to drink it.

This is one of my little kefir grains. Totally cute, right?

You can actually get Kefir grains on Amazon. Crazy! I got mine from my mom, who got hers from a co-worker. I think that's pretty common practice among us crazies that ferment and brew things. You start talking about your shared love of obscure health drinks and soon enough they are offering to give you some of their stash.
Anyway, back on topic…

It’s full of calcium, B-vitamins, vitamin K2, probiotics, and protein.

It may be protective against cancer, it helps build bone health, it is amazing to aid in digestive tract health, it boosts your immune system, and may even protect against allergies and asthma. Wow! Here is one recipe you can blend up to enjoy all the benefits of kefir (and hide that ferment-y taste!).

Tropical Banana Mango Smoothie

Combine in a blender…

1 banana

1 cup of Mango chunks

1 cup of kefir

2 Tablespoons honey, if desired

Blend until smooth. Enjoy!


  1. Love kefir now able to make it thanks to your recipe!

  2. I've had Kefir before but never thought I could do it from home (!) Looking forward to trying this !